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I solve problems through Arts


I’m a Visual Designer who is graduated from University of Sunderland, UK. I’ve been interested in human behaviour and psychology. Moreover, I’m always fascinated by the social media culture, art, music and trends. 

Photography, branding and editorial are my strength in art and design. My creative approach is usually direct and have a deeply meaning that can emotionally engage with other people. For me, to be a good designer we need to observe and analyse how people/everything around us growing in the society. Apart from that, I’d like to traveling, does some sports activities and do stupid things with my friends. 

CV and other portfolio are available upon request .


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Some of my experiences


Vosfoyer, Content Creator (Jakarta)

The 1984, Freelance Graphic Designer (Jakarta)

Wealth in Asia, Freelance Graphic Designer (Singapore)

Noisy Crayons, Intern Digital Designer (Singapore)

Neunity, Freelance Graphic Designer (Singapore)

V.I, Freelance Graphic Designer (Singapore)

Everything is My Design, Intern Graphic Designer (UK)

Discovery Indonesia, Volunteer Photographer (UK)

NAFA Grad Show, Volunteer Photographer (Singapore)

Hey Diaspora, Graphic Designer (Singapore)

A Pixel’s Photography, Photographer (Singapore)